Canada / Corporate
steve somerville, president / bank of montreal
We are doing very well financially, we are ahead of aggressive plans, our sales pipelines are very deep, our brand is very deep, I think when we compare ourselves to peers we are taking a leadership position. I think people are starting to wonder what is going on inside our business that we are having such success.
Steve Somerville
United States / Sports
lindsay mintenko, managing director / usa swim team
This is a tremendous way to make the world a better place. The curriculum allows you to dream further than you've ever dreamed before; dream outside the box. [PX2®] allows you to try everything you can to get there, and be the person you need to be to get there.
Lindsay Mintenko
The Pacific Institute has helped us unleash our potential. We are a different bank than the one they first started working with. Then we were stable horses,​ now we’re a herd of thoroughbreds.​ They have helped us become more agile, better thinkers, better team players, more courageous.
United States / Finance
Leon Holschback, CEO / Midland States Bank
New Zealand / Corporate
vanessa stoddart, group general manager / air new zealand
We are delighted with the results and the very definite positive impact it had on our company culture and engagement.
Vanessa Stoddart
Realizing Potential in over 3 Million People
During the time that we have been using The Pacific Institute at our Jakarta Bottling Plant, production output has increased from 25,000 cases per day to 50,000; production efficiency has increased from 33% to 70% and sales have doubled.
Indonesia / Business
martono, productions manager / the coca-cola company
Australia / Government
alastair bryant, former director general / state revenue department
I can attest to the extraordinary transformation that occurred in working through the implementation with The Pacific Institute. I commend their work to any employer who wishes to produce outstanding results through the development of their employees’ potential. In my view, the program builds a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.
Alastair Bryant
United States / Sports
nick saban, headcoach / university of alabama crimson tide football
It all goes back to helping the players, but an individual player being successful makes the team more successful.
Nick Saban
United States & United Kingdom / Business
steve battle, operations manager / caterpillar, inc.
We want to create a better culture, a better environment, and a better way of doing things, so that people really want to come to work. We would like to see everybody get involved in that, to have some fun, and to accomplish things at the same time.
Steve Battle
Australia / Business
terry charlton, chief executive officer / snowy hydro limited
The Pacific Institute has helped us transition to a forward-focused, flexible, performance-oriented culture and to achieve the mindsets within our business that were essential to our evolution of business strategy.
Terry Charlton

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