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Murdoch University is a West Australian tertiary institution that offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It sets high standards for teaching, research and student satisfaction while encouraging innovative thinking. It is a well-regarded institution that has a strong community focus, clearly articulating its vision to ‘make a difference’.


The University wanted to provide programs to help raise the aspirations of high-school children so that they considered tertiary education as an achievable goal. The Pacific Institute trained 32 support facilitators, also known as the ‘PX2 Crew,’ and two ‘ambassadors’ per school to deliver the components of the program on an ongoing basis. Murdoch University undertook an exhaustive review during a 200-student pilot in 2010, which concluded that this program was effective in raising student aspiration levels. Though it may be a little early to fully appreciate the impact, the objective in the long term is for The Pacific Institute program to assist children to set their sights on bigger goals, including being on track to a path towards tertiary education.


  • We recommended the development of a specialized program, “It’s My Life,” aimed at Years 8/9.
  • We designed a series of age-appropriate workbooks and support activities for the teachers to deliver.
  • The University rolled out this four-year project in March 2011 to 6,500 high school students.
  • The aim is that over the four-year period, each student will receive multiple exposures to the program contents so as to reinforce the key messages.


The value provided to the community is enormous and Murdoch University ultimately hopes that, as a result, its enrollments will increase arising from the schools involved.